What's In The Box


We include a book every month that is educational and fun for kids. It could be about a historical event or person, different cultures, or family stories.


Helping kids relate to different family members still living or those who've passed on by learning more about their lives and the history that affected them.


Kids will discover more about themselves and their families through games and activities.


A craft is included in every box that will be a fun way of keeping memories or telling family stories.

Step 1

Decide whether you want a monthly or gift subscription.

How It Works

Step 2

Customize your kid's experience! 

Let us know their first name and birthday month and we will personalize it for them.

Step 3

Make fun family discoveries! 

Share your experiences with us!

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A fun kid's subscription box filled with books, games, activities, and crafts that help kids have meaningful family experiences!

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